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1870s Cheyenne-style Cowboy Stock Saddle
                     available with tapaderos


These are the same saddles as listed above, but with large tapaderos covering the stirrups. Designs are up to the individual tastes of the customers.

Our saddles are hand made and hand stitched, from the horns, to the ring leather, to the large square skirts. We take pride in sewing them by hand the way E. L. Gallatin or Frank Meanea did a hundred and fifty years ago. We use oak tanned leather to get them as close to the originals as we can. Each product is stamped with pride bearing our name for all to see.


1870s Cheyenne-style Cowboy Stock Saddle


Our cowboy saddles come with or without saddle pockets depending on the customer's wish. They are reproductions of the saddles made by the Collins Brothers, E. L. Gallatin, and Frank Meanea.

Deseret's Signature Saddle


The signature saddle was designed for a well-known author and expert on mountain men and early American History. He wanted a unique saddle that was different from others in production. It serves well as a durable endurance saddle with the strength to double as a work saddle

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